noun f. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section contains all the answers to your most frequently asked questions. KIP will no longer hold any secrets for you!

nounProcess that allows your KIP to always be up to date and at the forefront of our development, to never stop improving! Procedure performed via the KIP app. Check out how to update your KIP here.

name m. Maximum of 3 loved ones selected by you beforehand. When setting up an outing, favourite contacts are chosen by default but can be deselected as you wish. If you have forgotten to set up and launch an outing, your favourite loved ones will receive your distress alerts by default.

noun Person added to your contacts. When chosen for a LIFELINE outing, this person will be able to see your live positions and receive your distress alerts.

noun Light guide on your KIP, provides feedback for easy use. It lights up in blue, red, violet and white depending on the situation.

noun Accessory for securing your KIP, so you can always have it with you and enjoy your sport! Included with KIP purchase.