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Our 3-in-1 no-phone solution allows a live and constant location, as well as a live and final chrono timing. Participants are monitored and findable from start to finish and can even send you a distress alert if needed.

Monitor and allow your public and partners to follow the race live.

Whether it’s participants, race openers or closers or volunteers, secure everyone on the playing field. Keep an eye out easily at the HQ, be it on your computer, or on the field, via your smartphone.

Facilitate the work of the emergency services, for a quick dispatch and a precise location in case of need.

Thanks to the live and precise information of participants, display the race progression on a map, as well as the live rankings. Via a dedicated web interface, share the event with present spectators and distant viewers.

Retrieve the precise times of all your participants at the start, finish and crossing points. Create individual and general time sheets, updated in real time and downloadable.

Monitor your participants and retrieve them quickly with the FIND-R. Allow participants to send you alerts if needed.

With APIK EVENTS, organize and secure your event simply.

Participants and staff always findable

Thanks to our FIND-R’s innovative technology, rescue teams connect directly to participants’ K-IPs and are guided to them.

Usable without phone and outside GSM zones

Autonomous, your participants will be secure thanks to the K-IP, even out of coverage areas.

All seasons, all sports

Whatever your event’s type, environment or intensity, the K-IP accompanies your participants, even in extreme conditions.

“My 3 key words are SAFETY – SAFETY – SAFETY. And APIK EVENTS does precisely that, among other things, by enabling us to follow our runners live. In case of an accident, we are able to intervene very quickly!”

Benoit LAVAL,
event organizer and
founder of Raidlight

APIK EVENTS is here to accompany you
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The APIK EVENTS interface accessible to all: the central point for participant registration, race monitoring, timekeeping…
Accessible on-site or remotely for organizers, emergency services, entertainers and your public.

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