Got a backpack? Put the KIP in it. Use its top pocket or on its shoulder strap for example. Avoid the bottom of the bag, the beacon will not be easily accessible and will radiate less efficiently.

Do you have a trail vest? Place the KIP in one of the pockets, if possible, in the upper half.

Are you on a bike? If you have a hydration pack, put the KIP in one of the pockets, if possible, on the upper half.

Travelling light ? Out with none of the accessories above? Put the KIP in a pocket.

Be careful! Do not to put the KIP near other electronic elements such as telephone/AVD, or metallic elements such as survival blankets, climbing equipment…

Note that the KIP goes into AUTOMATIC STANDBY MODE when it is static for more than 5 minutes. In this mode it will no longer transmit your positions. This can happen in the car for example, where the KIP does not consider itself to be in motion. Wake it up by shaking it. And off you go! Learn more about the standby mode.