You have added your KIP on the app, that’s perfect! But in your phone settings, you don’t see it in your connected devices… Don’t panic, this is normal 😉

Phones listen to all the information in their vicinity via their bluetooth, without needing to “pair” themselves to the various devices around them.

Your KIP uses this mode of operation to relay, via your phone and its bluetooth, information including your GPS positions, your movements, etc.. For this, there is no need to be truly paired via its bluetooth. Your beacon is not seen in your list of registered devices. As long as your phone’s bluetooth connection and the KIP app are activated, your beacon is picked up without any problem.

This mode of operation has a huge advantage. A phone with the KIP app and activated bluetooth relays the information of all nearby beacons to our servers (in encrypted mode, to protect your privacy). So you always stay KONNECTED thanks to the KIP community!