The setting of your outing will give a maximum of information to your loved ones in case of need. It also allows you to share your journey live. To launch and share an outing, go to your KIP app and : 

1 | Determine how long you’ll be out for: This lets you know what time you’ll be back. Your loved ones will know if they need to worry… or if you’re still enjoying yourself for a few hours. 2 | Select your loved ones: we respect your privacy, so we only share your positions when you request it, and only with the people you choose. 3 | Write a short message: This is optional, in case you want to give a little more info about your adventure. Are you going outing alone, or is Ken joining you? Are you paragliding or biking today? Finally, press GO! and head off to enjoy your outdoor adventure. You’ll be safe and sound, and you’ll be found everywhere!