No, your KIP is big and strong and works by itself! After setting up and sharing your outing on the app, you can leave your phone at home, turn it off or put it in aeroplane mode. Your locations and distress alerts will still be relayed to the loved ones you choose when setting up the outing. With no phone and no app, your KIP will communicate via radio only, in areas where these networks are available.

Although your KIP works without a phone, it allows your beacon to communicate on other networks. By activating with your phone and the KIP app, your network coverage will be extended as your beacon will benefit from the GSM network of your phone. This increases the quality of the track you share with your loved ones and the reliability of the alert sent in case of distress. (Please note that the initial activation of your KIP is mandatory before any use. To do this, we invite you to create an account on your KIP app and to associate your beacon with it. This will activate your KIP and start the subscription included for 1 year).